Cyber Security Quiz

Cyber Security QuizIf you are at all aware of the news — and how could you NOT be?! — then you know . . .

The number of cyber attacks is increasing exponentially.

Some quick 2016 statistics compiled at that you may NOT have known:

  • Over 80% of all hacks have criminal intent.
  • Around 25-30% of the attacks are against industry.
  • From 7-22% of the attacks are against government.
  • About 12% represent attacks against individuals.

And another sobering statistic that has remained steady for many years: internal threats (i.e., employee action or inaction) account for 80% of security problems in business!

So, if you own or work in a small business, and your IT expertise is limited or sporadic, you may want to take a look at this new quiz.

Even if you think your network is working well . . .

these 10 questions will give you a sense of your vulnerabilities, and may prompt you to take more steps for securing all your devices.

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