Better eMail Copy

Is it possible that . . .

What You Don’t Know About Your eMails Could Actually Be Sabotaging Your Business?

You probably think eMail is all about expediency, savings in time and costs. And the convenience and immediacy means you can fire off messages to clients and prospects on the spur of the moment instead of waiting for staff or mail.

Bad idea!

. . . in fact, it’s a really bad idea when you have valuable client relationships at stake!

Yes, eMail offers advantages in timely, personal communications with clients, customers and prospects. But, with customer relationships at stake you must know “the rules” and you ignore them at your peril.

Let’s address the time vs. money savings first.

If time is money . . .

How much are you spending on writing emails for your business?

According to research reports from The Radicati Group in Palo Alto, the average U.S. business owner these days has 1.2 email accounts, and gets 124 emails a day. Even though instant messaging is becoming more popular, emails continue to be the preferred method of business communication.

writing emails

How many minutes a day?

And according to another report from McKinsey Global Institute, the average worker spends 13 hours per week reading, managing, and responding to emails. That’s almost a third of the entire work week!

As a professional and the business owner, you are probably NOT the average worker! Are your numbers bigger?

So the next question is . . .

How much are you wasting by sending poorly worded emails?

If that question makes you cringe, you’re not alone. So many eMails we see are so poorly written that they not only hinder communication, they actually set it back. And that’s not the biggest risk!

Regardless of what you may have read or heard, eMails are among the most important elements of your Marketing Programs. If they aren’t properly written and managed to help you build client loyalty, most likely they are working against the relationships you count on.

What can you do about it?

How can you be sure your emails – and the emails of your partners and employees – are as effective as they can be? And even more important, be certain that they aren’t eroding, even damaging your client relationships?

BetterEmailCopyAnswering these questions and more for you . . .

Better eMail Copy is designed to double the effectiveness of the emails you’re currently sending out while alerting you to the things that rub clients the wrong way.

  • Better eMail Copy will make it clear why some eMails work better than others, and how to make those improvements. No more guessing, no more worrying whether you’ve done it right when you press the SEND button.
  • The course gives you a track to run on – and a workbook to practice in. Take the time you need, work at your own pace, and get it done. Share with employees, too.
  • Once you know the “rules” for eMail writing, and the options for delivery, you’ll be using them for every eMail you write.

Writing is like any skill. It’s a learned ability that takes time and energy to develop.

But it also has diverse guidelines for different media.

Knowing these often subtle differences is decidedly challenging and often frustrating. Knowing these rules when you’re at the professional level really takes a coach.

Consider Better eMail Copy to be like a personal coach!

No matter where you’re starting, this course can refresh your understanding of the basics, and then encourage you to adopt the ways to do it right.

And, like your overall professional expertise, once you’ve reached a certain level of proficiency, you “own” it!

Some of the concepts you’ll “own” when you’ve finished this course:

  • The guiding principle. “Every email you write is a marketing email.” (The quotes give this statement added importance. We can’t emphasize it enough!)
  • The emotional cues that everybody responds to. You want to include at least one of these in every email you write.
  • The three types of automated eMails – when to use them to save your business money and time and to retain and build relationships – automatically!
  • What to write about? Eleven questions you can use over and over again to prompt ideas.
  • Best practices for email layout and format to be sure mails get delivered and are readable.
  • The all-powerful Call to Action. What is it, and when do you need it? (Take a guess!)
  • Where to find examples of recent winning campaigns written by the best in the business.

. . . and we’re just scratching the surface.

Yes, time IS money. And well-crafted emails can be an enormous tactical and financial marketing advantage to your business.

You can have it all in the 57 pages of Better eMail Copy. Put these techniques to work for you right now by ordering below.

Virginia Nicols
The Marketing Machine Group

P.S. Included with the Better eMail Copy course is a strategic one-page checklist you can use to remind yourself and your staff about ways to use emails and be sure you’re following all the best practices. You can post it next to your computer so you’ll never be at a loss.