When it comes to marketing, every business owner is unique. After more than 25 years in the business, we know one thing, though, and that is as a business owner . . .

. . .you want the marketing information you need, when you need it!

That simple reality is what prompted this store. So what do you have here?

  • All these DIY marketing training materials are authored by The Marketing MachineĀ®. (You can learn more about our marketing background here.)
  • They are available to you for instant download 24/7 — when you need them!
  • And the prices are deliberately low, so you have no excuse for not getting what you need!

Browse three categories of materials.

Basic marketing tools for business

1 – Marketing Toolkit for All Business Owners

Basic marketing tools, listed one by one. Appropriate for every business owner. Add them as you need them. Click here to see our recommended tools for your Marketing Toolkit.

Marketing Skills for Business Owners

2 – Professional Skills for Senior Business Owners

Business owners who are effective marketers have mastered these skills. You may be looking for a refresher or the whole thing. Click here to take a look at the courses in this category. The full descriptions are relatively lengthy, because these materials are for senior level business owners.

Marketing Basics for a Start-Up

3 – Start-up Marketing Tips for New Business Owners

Specific tips for new business owners. These materials generally assume that you have business experience, just perhaps not business OWNER experience. Here are the start-up recommendations.

Or, you can go directly to any topic you’re interested in.

You can see all our current materials here, at Inventory At A Glance.  Just scroll through and click on the courses you think might have what you need.

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Don’t see what you’re looking for? Leave us a message and ask! We almost always have new courses in the works, and an idea of good material that’s already been published on that topic.

And if you want more detail about how we can incorporate these materials into personalized training course just for you and your business, just give us a call.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Virginia Nicols
The Marketing MachineĀ®