The Marketing Machine® . . . What’s in a name, and why should you care?

Joseph Krueger and Virginia Nicols
The Marketing Machine® Joe Krueger and Virginia Nicols

Joe says: Some think The Marketing Machine® originated as a nickname for me. And if you want to ask some former employees, you’ll discover there’s a thread of truth to that! 

But, actually, it was the title of a talk that I gave in 1979 when I was President (for the fifth time over 17 years) of the San Francisco Direct Marketing Club. The concept was – and is — direct response marketing.

Direct marketing concepts of course were not new then. The idea just hadn’t caught on with most agencies, and none had developed systems like we had to test and “course correct” lists, offer and creative execution.

We perfected our techniques with major corporations.

We took advantage of the opportunity and over the next 10 dozen  years racked up billions in sales for clients and won dozens of marketing and advertising awards, with DM Echos, Golden Mailboxes and the coveted American Marketing Association “Effie” and, for Virginia, the “Caples” award for her copywriting.

The Internet opens the door to smaller businesses.

With the advent of the worldwide web, ever-more-sophisticated technology and the emergence of social media, the opportunities for smaller businesses to compete with their larger counterparts — even around the world – became greater than ever before.

Which brings us to what this website is all about – helping businesses develop and take advantage of a variety of direct marketing strategies to generate a predictable flow of leads and sales.

Who can take best advantage of The Marketing Machine® training?

The materials here are aimed at a particular individual.

You’re that person if you are . . .

  • A small business owner. In this case, you could be a sole proprietor but you are more likely to have an established business with somewhere between 10 and 20, maybe even 50 employees.
  • An owner whose business provides professional services. You might be an attorney, an accountant, an insurance professional or a real estate professional – that is, you’re seeking clients with a long-term relationship potential.
  • An owner who believes that marketing is essential for success. (We have found that not all professionals fully understand or even believe in the value of marketing!)
  • An owner who is prepared to hire professionals and direct the marketing effort for the business.
  • Someone who has already tried a number of marketing tactics but never as part of an overall marketing strategy.

As a small business owner you now have access to the same marketing technology as do your much larger competitors — from authority marketing to social media and writing a book as well as everything in between. You need to know which to use for YOUR business – and when to use them.

We have assembled a collection of marketing essentials aimed at providing you with the tools for success and the knowledge about how to pick the right ones for your business. Some materials are overviews. Some are much more detailed.

And yes, we recognize that the internet and tools of the marketing world are constantly changing. As a result, we’re updating and adding continually.

If you’re that determined business owner, you can pick and choose from our courses to find just what you need right now. You can get the information immediately, then put it to work on your own schedule and at your own speed.

Some common threads . . :

  • Emphasis on direct marketing, because good direct marketing moves people to take action. Nothing happens until they do.
  • Understanding your “ideal client” and aiming all your marketing messages at that person. Marketing that appeals to everyone is wasted.
  • Being clear on how your business is unique, and, if necessary, making changes to make it unique.
  • Taking advantages of your strengths while recognizing your weaknesses and not wasting time on them.
  • Operating according to your marketing plan – to make decisions easier and faster, and avoid falling for the latest sales gimmick. We use the word “systematic” in our tagline, and the concept of planning and process occurs in all materials.

This background should give you a good idea of what you’ll find at The Marketing Machine Group. If you’re interested in more personal details about us, feel free to visit our personal websites: and

And at any time, don’t hesitate to contact us personally. We are real people and welcome a call or an email to start the conversation.

To your marketing success,

Joe Krueger & Virginia Nicols
The Marketing Machine®