2019 Professional’s Guide to Free LinkedIn Services

Newly updated.

Have you been postponing taking a hard look at your LinkedIn profile?

• Not sure exactly what information to put up?
• Too busy to figure out HOW to put information up?
• Planing to update your resume soon and will update LinkedIn then?

Whatever your reasons, if you aren’t firmly on LinkedIn, you’ve got a big black hole in your online presence. Yes, you could spend hours clicking through LinkedIn’s documentation to find much of what’s in this guide. But if you haven’t yet,and your time is worth anything  . . .!  2019 Professionals Guide to LinkedIn

This 2019 professional’s guide will help you put your LinkedIn profile “back in service.”

Get started NOW!


It’s a step-by-step approach, starting with some pre-planning that will make it clearer how LinkedIn fits into your marketing plan.

Then, after a “walk-through” of everything that’s available, the guide will take you through the three steps that 80% of all LinkedIn users seem to value most:

1. Building an effective profile. You’ve heard it before: “Your LinkedIn profile is not an enhanced resume.” Your profile is a marketing document. The Guide lays out key marketing elements.

2. Venturing out into select groups. Others will look at your profile, but only when they hear about you some other way! Your comments, questions and posts to a group can drive readers to your profile. By the same token, poorly managed group participation can damage your reputation.

3. Creating a company page. Your company can’t post content directly on LinkedIn – only individual members can do that. But your company page can feature you firm’s professional services and products in a way your profile should not.

All the LinkedIn features discussed in the 2019 Professional’s Guide are available at no cost.

At least, they are as of today! LinkedIn is bound to make changes in the future – but taking advantage of the powerful marketing tool right now just makes sense.

Don’t let your LinkedIn profile deteriorate for one more day. Grab the Guide now!

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Virginia Nicols

President + Training Director

2019 LinkedIn Guide ChecklistP.S. We like the satisfaction of being able to check things off a list, so we’ve included a one-page LinkedIn Guide Checklist to help keep you on track as you move through the Guide.