Accomplishments Library

Considering a change in career?  

Wondering just where you’ll get the boost in confidence to make it happen?

Guess what.  You already have what it takes!

You have had unique experiences and successes.  By turning them into Business Accomplishments you’ll build a powerful marketing tool . . . one you’ll use again and again.

Business Accomplishments are specially worded mini case-histories. Having an entire Library of them at your fingertips is the only way you can control marketing conversations and direct them to your desired outcome.

Building Your Accomplishments Library

Establishing Your Value

Building Your Accomplishments Library is a system we’ve refined  for the experienced professional who is starting on a new path altogether as entrepreneur or business owner.

Here’s more about the program.

Part One of the report defines the “Success Episodes” that make up your professional life, describes the three-part “formula” for an Accomplishment, and introduces the two Accomplishments Library worksheets that are included as part of the system.

Part Two of the report explains the format for Accomplishments and why the formula wording is so important, then goes on to describe 8 different purposes fulfilled by a well-drafted Accomplishment.

Part Three of the report documents the role your Library will play in your marketing toolbox, lists 6 ways you will use your Accomplishments Library – in addition to using Accomplishments in a face-to-face networking meeting, in a telephone interview, etc., and confirms the competitive advantage you will have when your Library is built out and being used

The key benefit?

One of the most important results of having built your Accomplishments Library really can’t be quantified or turned into a list. It’s internal and invaluable. It’s the sense of confidence you will re-establish and be able to call upon as you start your new business.

Get the Building Your Accomplishments Library report now. It’s priced at just $17 so you can get started without hesitating. (If you ARE hesitating, think about how much your time is worth per hour, and compare to what the value here will be for all your personal marketing.)

The sooner you begin, the faster your Library will grow. You’ll find your confidence expanding right along with the Library.

Get your report now!