Be a Power Presenter

Face it!


If you are to be successful in business, you HAVE to be a strong presenter.

Your business needs you, at the head of the table or in front of a group, or increasingly, in front of a video camera, to make the case that will  . . .

– attract investment capital

– motivate clients and suppliers

– inspire employees and partners

Above all, you need to be able to make the sale!

If that last sentence makes you wince, you’re not alone! Many highly-qualified professionals face an “attitude adjustment” when it comes to the whole concept of sales. (“I didn’t put in all those years of study to be a salesperson.”)

Business coaches have helped many of those folks get around the attitude problem by simply substituting words like “engagement” or “enrollment” for “sales.”

If that works for you, great!

When it comes to fear of public speaking, however, that’s a different issue.

There’s no simple solution to that one. But there IS a solution. And it’s based on the belief that powerful presenters are made, not born.

That belief is behind all the content in this book.

Be a Power PresenterBe a Power Presenter! is written for mature, experienced business people who understand the importance of speaking skills and realize that professional help will give them that extra edge.

Be a Power Presenter! is written by experienced business people – who have given hundreds of presentations in the exact circumstances YOU can expect to face.

As with most skills, success comes from a sound foundation and then a lot of practice.

Be a Power Presenter! makes sure you don’t skip any of the fundamentals. For example:

  • Understand your strengths by surveying your current readiness.
  • Know your audience and the role they are expecting you to play (may differ markedly from presentation to presentation).
  • Be ready to research your audience – 7 suggested ways to go about it.
  • Identify your desired outcome; what your audience wants to get out the event, and what YOU want to get out of it, too.
  • Make the most of your talk by managing your content. Usually, that means limiting the number of points you want to make.

And then there are the components of the talk itself. The course covers everything you want to be in control of:

  • The best introduction (Who’s doing it?)
  • How to open a talk (Watch out for humor.)
  • Organizing the body of the talk (What’s the best structure for YOUR purpose?)
  • Managing transitions (Graphic and verbal transitions)
  • Involving the audience and handling questions
  • Closing with the appropriate Call to Action

A separate chapter addresses personal aspects of your presentation – what to wear, managing your nerves, coping with technology, and maintaining control of what may be a challenging audience.

Special attention is paid to the tools of presenting (microphone, slides, white board, flip chart, etc.) and the environment for the talk (layout of room, lighting, furniture).

Finally, the book lists a handful of ways to leverage your talk as a marketing tool. If you’re going to go to the effort to put on a presentation, don’t “waste” it on just that one audience!

Protips for Powerful Presentations

BONUS:  Joe and I have included more than a dozen Pro-Tips like the ones above, that you’ll recognize as coming from sometimes painful personal experience – all aimed at making sure you avoid these particular traps!

And finally, we’ve included a separate, simplified Meeting Planning Checklist that you can use for every presentation coming up.

Meeting Planning Checklist

This is serious help for the mature professional. Throughout, it assumes that you already “know your stuff” but are looking for the edge that will assure results. It also assumes you are prepared to do the work necessary to master these skills.

You can get the report right now, and get started immediately on developing more effective presentation skills. You risk nothing.

The price for the course is $21, with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Just click on the Add to Cart button below – pay with a Paypal account or a credit card. We’ll follow up with some additional tips and techniques once you’ve gotten started.

We are committed to helping entrepreneurs develop the marketing tools they need for success. Being a Power Presenter is definitely one of them! Overcome your nerves and get started today.

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