Business Insights

If you’re getting ready to take a step into the world of entrepreneurism, you’ll enjoy this collection of Business Insights.

They have been written with the “new entrepreneur” in mind – the person who may already have corporate and management experience and who is laying the groundwork for taking the plunge into business ownership.

Business Insights deal with topics you’re familiar with — time management, technology, mindset, personal health, professional growth, customer management and cash management. But each is addressed from the perspective of the sole practitioner. As you read each collection of insights, you’ll get a good idea of how prepared you are — and what gaps may need to be filled.

The Insight Series is made up of these titles: Cash Management, Customer Service Management, Technology, Time Management, Business Development, Personal Health, Personal Mindset.

BusInsightsSeries500Each report has 4-5 short essays on the topic, followed by short exercises. Use the exercises to research and come to answers that reflect your own skill levels or objectives.

These Insight reports are delivered one by one. 

You’ll likely breeze through some of the reports and exercises. Other exercises may be unfamiliar or even scary! The unfamiliar ones may take an hour or even several hours to complete.

Taken together, the Business Insights reports have one goal: to give you a discerning look at some aspects of start-up business that you may never have considered.

Get started on the series now. The first report will be delivered immediately, and the rest will come every few days.  The cost for all seven of the Insight Reports is $17.00. 

The Business Insights collection is an easy read, with a lot of depth behind the scenes. I’m confident you’ll find real value in it.

Joseph A. Krueger

CEO, The Marketing Machine®