Dynamic Referral System

for Building Solid Relationships.

We know that people ask friends first for recommendations.

Are you sure that your clients will refer you?

Referrals are desirable, and even essential.

In fact, if you’re a small business owner or a service provider, getting good referrals may be the single most important way that you build your client or customer base. But …

. . . it’s only the inexperienced marketer who considers getting referrals to be easy – and “free!”

As an experienced marketer, you know differently. Successful professionals set up their referral marketing program systematically, with the same thought and care that they put into every aspect of their business.

Dynamic Referral SystemThe Dynamic Referral System reflects this reliance on process. The Marketing Machine® guides you step by step to be sure you . . .

Design a program that fits your personality, your market and your business.

For example . . .

  • Do you have a retail business? You can try a wide variety of approaches to get referrals.
  • Are you a licensed professional? Your industry may set limitations on what tactics you use.
  • Owner of a new business? You’ll have to test to see what will work for you.
  • Have a mature business? You will find many marketing answers built into your current customer base.
  • Do you find networking easy and stimulating; or, not!?

Whatever the case, your referral system needs to “fit” – or you won’t follow it.

Step by step to a solid referral program.

Referrals won’t magically happen. They won’t happen just because you ask.

In fact, “just asking” for a referral can be a real mistake.

Our program is designed to reveal who to ask, when to ask, and what to say. We’ve identified seven steps to get you there safely and securely:

  1. Define your Ideal Prospect (This is the MOST important step!)
  2. Identify potential referral sources — individuals and influencers
  3. Develop a motivating concept — but is it a bribe?
  4. Decide which referral format you need to use
  5. Outline your referral message
  6. Design a follow-up strategy for converting prospects
  7. Design a follow-up strategy for nurturing your referral sources

Avoid mistakes that can really backfire!

Dynamic Referral System from The Marketing MachineThe most common mistake is kicking off your referral campaign without having all the pieces in place. Result? You “burn” both your referrals and your very best referral sources! We have added a Workbook to the course that will help make sure you get each step solidly in place before moving on to the next.

Another mistake is accepting referrals you really don’t want! Our goal, remember, is to “build solid relationships” that will be mutually valuable. Find out how to deal with questionable or dangerous referrals.

Build for the long run.

Once your referral system is in place, it can provide a steady flow of customers. You can accelerate it or slow it down. Throughout ups and downs, however, you’ll want to stay in touch with key referral sources. The Marketing Machine® guides you in building your strategy and setting up tools to make keeping in touch easier.

Get started now.

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P.S. If you’re still wondering if this is for you . . . All materials from The Marketing Machine® are aimed at business owners looking to avoid fluff and ready to implement marketing solutions that work. Your satisfaction with Dynamic Referral System is guaranteed.