Making It In Your New Business

“Is it Your Time . . . to Start and Grow Your Own Business?”

Joseph Krueger

From Joseph Krueger  Marketer, Entrepreneur, Business Executive

Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you finally ready to stop hesitating, step out of your comfort zone and create the life you want and deserve?

Whether you’ve been forced into “early retirement,” are restless to get out of an unfulfilling job, or need to get more control over your income , and think “someday soon” you’ll get started. . . well, “someday” is now!

Introducing: Making It in Your New Business, a four-module training program to help you turn your ideal business dream into a cash-producing reality.

The opportunities for consultants and entrepreneurs right now are the best they’ve ever been. Today, the speed of change, the overnight explosion of new media and the uncertainty of the financial markets has even the biggest corporations grasping at the tea leaves.

If you have the skills and the knowledge to solve problems you can almost write your own ticket.

Designed to fill in knowledge gaps for the business person who is a first-time business owner.

You can work your way through the course in four weeks (for the first time). I recommend you don’t rush it. Take a good look knowing you are backed by our full, 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Here is more of what you’ll get . . .

Module 1: “How to Identify Your Money-Making Business Idea” 31-pages filled with questions and worksheets . . .

  • How to find something better and more satisfying than the dangerously misleading “follow your passion” myth
  •  The single most important fact to check, before rushing ahead on a seemingly-flawless idea
  • Taking stock of your ideas and chances — simple worksheets that makes this a piece of cake
  • Two infallible resources to check, if you want to see what’s selling in your market (and for how much)
  • Six easy ways to find and research your target market

After completing a simple assignment that will help cement what you’ve learned firmly in your head, you’ll progress on to…

Making It In Your New BusinessModule 2: “Planning Your Ideal Business”

  •  Whether or not to quit your day job — and how to avoid “all or nothing” thinking
  • How to get quick cash in without accidentally sabotaging your future business empire
  • Two things successful entrepreneurs never say – and one action they always take
  • Planning for additional streams of income — why everyone should do it (and how)
  • How changing one word in your question can open up new vistas of possibility
  • Eight mistakes you never want to make

You’ll really be on a roll, by the time you race through . . .

Module # 3: “Business Models and Systems for Consistent Growth & Income”

  • Seven business models that naturally generate recurring income
  • One particular source of recurring income all online entrepreneurs need to add
  • Three highly effective ways to bring in affiliate commissions yourself — and nine clear steps for making Amazon mini-sites a viable business in their own right
  • Why membership sites are a “natural”, no matter what your business — and the right time to add them
  • Three types of coaching you can add (there’s a model for every personality and energy level)
  • Adding eBooks to your passive income streams — four instant benefits (and how to make the process easy)
  •  Six Kindle tips that will prevent you falling prey to common mistakes

Finally, we’ll finish off with: . . .

Module 4: “Up-to-date Marketing Strategies to Attract Your Targeted Clients & Customers”

  • How to make sure the marketing strategies you use are the most effective choices for attracting your clients
  • Why pacing is vitally important — and how to make your Sales Funnels flow
  •  A/B Split Testing and tracking — the basics you need to know (ones you can build on)
  • The one thing you must always do for your subscribers and followers, no matter how tired or busy you happen to feel
  • Three types of “regular” followers — and how to make sure you reach them all
  • Six effective ways to connect with your users on Mobile > Two facts you need to know about Facebook — and Pinterest tips and secrets
  • Fifteen things you can do with Google+ that can really help you grow your business . . . and more.

This four-module course gives you a complete overview of how to plan making the maximum money you need to make in the easiest steps… while creating a business model (and passive streams of income) that will leave you with more time than ever before in your life.

So how about it? Are you ready to try “Making It In Your New Business” today?

YES, Joe,

Send me, right now, my four-module e-course, “Making It In Your New Business.” I want the full course, your study guidelines plus the six worksheets for $47.

I understand that I have 30 full days to evaluate the material at my leisure — and get a cheerful, easy refund if I should decide for any reason “Making It In Your New Business” is simply not for me.

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Don’t struggle with re-inventing the wheel: Help yourself to insights, overview, information – and an easy-to-implement, pick-and-customize system.   Four meaty lessons. Simple, straightforward assignments. That’s all it’s going to take to get you started on your new career path. To your success!


Joseph A. Krueger
Joe Krueger
The Marketing Machine®  

P.S. “Making It In Your New Business” provides six “fill-in-the-blanks” or “check the box” Worksheets that you may feel are worth the price alone. (And you can use them time  and again, for every business venture.)  

This course is covered by my 100% money-back guarantee so download it and check it out for yourself right here.