Mastering Time

Dear Busy Entrepreneur,

Do you ever feel you are spinning your wheels?

Well, I do. And I hate it! So I searched for a solution — and found several!

The reason it takes a number of ideas is because mastering time means getting control of two things:  internal clutter and external clutter.

When you finish this book you’ll have the information and the tools to manage both.

Let’s be clear about it – Mastering Time does not introduce a new, magic system that will turn you into a human dynamo.

It is not a “system” at all.

Mastering TimeAs the name says, Mastering Time is a collection of Great Ideas meant to help the busy entrepreneur hit the ground running, or get back on track when the clutter seems to be taking over!

How to use the book?  It’s easy.

Sort through and pick out a few of the ideas that fit your business and your style. Set up a schedule for putting them to work. Try them out.

For example, you can pick from . . .

  • Five easy ways to cut distractions
  • When to unload repetitive tasks
  • Three classic ways to set priorities
  • Twenty tested time-saving tips
  • Steps to improved focus

Your new program isn’t really working for you?  Or, it worked for a while but now your business has changed and you need something different?

Go back and find another great idea!

With 48 pages, four checklists and a list of proven productivity tools, you’ll have a reference book you can come back to again and again.

Sometimes just one or two slight changes can make all the difference! Imagine what you will accomplish by increasing your productivity 25% or more!

Grab this book now for $11. It will pay for itself within the first few minutes! 

And let me know which ideas you liked best!

Sincerely yours,

Virginia Nicols Signature




P.S. These ideas work well for staff training, too, if you feel your entire team could use a boost in productivity.