Professional Networking Guide

Are you networking at the highest level of effectiveness?

Are you enjoying it . . . or hating it?  (Whichever, it will show.)

The good news?  Great networkers are made, not born.  

And great networkers are great because they have a plan — a plan for which event to attend, which people to talk to, and EXACTLY what to say to get the results they want.

You’ll recognize our “plan” as coming from years of experience.  If you haven’t been out networking a lot lately, though, you will likely discover some new twists.

Our goal: help you avoid the painful learning process, and get right to professional results. Professional Networking Guide mini

Want more info?

The Guide has ten chapters. Each chapter has worksheets so you can personalize the information to your situation.

The professional networker is a lot different from the casual or beginning networker; the worksheets will reflect that.

Chapter One: What IS professional networking? (A plan that’s neither casual nor random.)

Chapter Two: Defining Your Purpose (Matching your activities to your goals and objectives)

Chapter Three: Evaluating Your Skill Set (Playing to your strengths)

Chapter Four: Crafting Your Story (No, this is NOT the place for an elevator pitch!)

Chapter Five: Identifying Your Target Networking Prospects (Who is it important to meet?)

Chapter Six: What to Say and How to Say It (No, this isn’t an “elevator speech” either.)

Chapter Seven: Follow-Up Strategies and Etiquette (Think beyond email and texting!)

Chapter Eight: Creating a Game Plan (Networking on purpose to accomplish your goals)

Chapter Nine: Measuring Results (Putting metrics to networking progress)

Chapter Ten: Maintaining a Positive Mindset becomes almost second nature with these great tools.

The Marketing Machine® Professional Networking training is not something you breeze through and put on the shelf. Each chapter culminates in a set of worksheets for you to work with and customize. Your guide will grow with you as you move your goals and career forward and experience growing success. Ultimately this course will be priced at $97.

Professional Networking Tips

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We look forward to welcoming you to the ranks of professional marketers!

Joseph A. Krueger



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