Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals

Marketing Plan: You know you need one!

If you just haven’t had time to build a marketing plan for your practice, or if the job seems just too complicated or disjointed . . . here’s a solution.

Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals

One of the challenges of marketing is that there are simply too many options!

Every day, you are bombarded with ads for new techniques and new tactics, usually by very enthusiastic salespeople who show how they have achieved incredibly attractive results.

And they may well have done that.

The question is, are their tactics or programs the right ones for YOUR practice?

You’ll only know if you’ve done the work of building your custom marketing plan.

Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals is designed to help you build that customized plan.

Marketing isn’t a mystery, nor is it magic. When it’s well-planned, a marketing campaign will fit your style and budget.  Whether you actually execute the plan yourself or hire it out, when you know why it makes sense you can approach it with assurance.  That’s the ultimate goal of this training!

Some of what the course will guide you through:

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-Explore the benefits of creating a Marketing Plan – including the benefit of feeling more in control!

-Do the initial market research that’s required, using 5 methods of primary research and at least 6 methods of secondary research.

-Create a company overview that briefly describes what your business is about — very useful for client and employee communications.

-Analyze your company’s current position vis a vis competitors, taking advantage of the classic SWOT analysis.

-Define your key marketing goals and make sure they are in line with your business goals. (They’re NOT the same!)

-Decide how you will track how well you are meeting your goals.

-Understand pricing and delivery opportunities for your services.

-Identify your current marketing mix and what you need to improve or implement it. Many businesses are wasting time and money using the wrong tactics.

-Draft a prospective marketing budget.

-Set up marketing initiatives for the next year.

-Lay out the key tasks necessary to implement your plan — which will allow you to delegate some of them!

Workbook pages - Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals

Work on this at your own pace. The book is conveniently divided into sections so you can pick it up and put it down.

When you’ve finished the exercises (Use the accompanying workbook to record notes and data.), you will have a 360-degree view of your practice and the role it can play in attracting new customers and keeping more of the current ones.


What’s the biggest benefit of the course? Confidence!

You’ll emerge with an understanding of how marketing decisions are made – and you’ll see that you can continue to make good decisions over the years as times and your business change.

All the tools you need are right here, to be used again and again.

Get your copy of Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals now so you can start building this confidence right away.

The price for the course is $21, with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Just click on the Add to Cart button below – pay with a Paypal account or a credit card. We’ll follow up with some additional tips and techniques once you’ve gotten started.

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P.S. Some of our marketing materials are relatively easy to use. Just review the info, spend the time applying it to your business, and you should see results. This course is a little more challenging. It’s still “easy,” but to get the value we know is in here, you’ll want to approach the course with commitment and discipline. Completing it may take more time than you usually spend on a book or even a class. But it’s only in doing the work that you’ll get the payoff you seek.