The 2% Myth of Direct Mail

When you’ve been a professional marketer for a while (like I have!), you have to control yourself when someone says,

“The most I can expect from a direct mail campaign is 2%, right?”

I am tempted then to come back with a comment like,

“Well, there are certainly a lot of ways to get less than that . . .!”

Of course, I do control myself, because in my experience the 2% figure is pure myth, and my goal is to explode that myth!

This report will explode the 2% Myth.

It’s time to take a deeper look at direct mail — the hidden costs of a lackluster campaign vs. the consistent success rates of a disciplined process.

  • There’s not a lot of magic involved, although good instincts help.
  • There are pre-conceived notions and prejudices to identify and overcome.
  • There IS a lot of planning, and a requirement for follow-through.

The good news? If you have sales to business customers that exceed $100,000, a well-designed and executed lead generation program using direct mail can increase conversions, shorten your sales cycle and increase your market share.

In fact, doing it right can add millions in sales!

Request our free report and find out how — written by a someone who has done it over and over again! You can get it here:

Joseph A. Krueger.