Winning Clients – 21 Tactics


21 Marketing Tactics for Winning Clients

A Companion to

Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals

Sure, you know your ideal client. You know what differentiates you from your competition. And you know the difference between marketing strategy and tactics, right?  You’re clear because you have a solid marketing plan!

Consider a marketing plan a prerequisite for getting the most out of the material in this book.

Keep reading to find out why . . .

To review, strategy is a broad concept, a decision to meet a particular goal — for example, to increase market share, or to improve client retention.

A tactic, on the other hand, is the specific action you plan to take to achieve the goal.

Read on for some examples of tactical marketing campaigns.

If your strategy is to improve client retention, then you might choose one or more of these tactics:

  • A holiday season direct mail campaign aimed at people who have been with you a year
  • A special open house event just for your best clients
  • An invitation to small retail business clients to take advantage of a special online training

Or maybe your strategy is focused on getting more first-time clients. Your marketing tactics might include:

  • Speaking at a conference where you show off your expertise
  • Announcing a new service (a service that no one else in town offers) via local public relations media
  • Setting up and managing a LinkedIn Group that would be of interest to the kinds of clients you are looking for

These are the kinds of tactics suggested in this book.

Some are for use online. Some work best offline, for traditional more local marketing.

Online and Offline Marketing TacticsFor each, there’s a general description and commentary about when and where the tactic works best for the professional services business, based on our 25 plus years of direct marketing experience.

You will notice that in these examples we didn’t include some tactics that as a consumer you are exposed to on a regular basis – such as a “free trial” and “buy one get one free” for first-time buyers. Yes, these are legitimate tactics but ones that are entirely inappropriate for professional services!

So the book includes warnings, too, about possible negatives and even ethics violations that you could run afoul of by using the wrong tactics.

Winning Clients for your Professional Services Business describes 21 different tactics. We’ve included 21 so you can be sure you . . .

Winning Clients - 21 Tactics

  • Don’t overlook any opportunities.
  • Consider both online and offline tactics – you need both.
  • Understand how — these days — all tactics link to your website.
  • Choose tactics that fit your business culture, your personal style and your budget.
  • Know how to hire expert help when you need it.

The challenge with tactics is that you don’t want or need them all. And you don’t want to use trial and error to decide which ones work.

If you’ve done your marketing plan homework, this book will help you select tactics that complete and complement it . . . and will help you avoid tactics that are a waste of time, a potential danger or simply wrong for your business.

Get your book of tactics now for only $9. Start winning more profitable clients for your professional services business.


Virginia Nicols
The Marketing Machine®

P.S. This is a relatively simple course, and an inexpensive investment.  It’s biggest value may be to help you AVOID the WRONG tactics!