Zeroing In On Your UVP

“The most important words to drive your business success . . .”


 Your Unique Value Proposition

We used to call it the “Unique Selling Proposition” and it focused on the business itself – what it would sell and how.

Now, thanks to the computer, world-wide web and social media, the focus has switched to the customer and to the value your business brings to that customer.

Success today is no longer simply how well your business is run or the quality of your products. Today, it depends on your knowing your customer and meeting their expectations.

Your UVP is your promise. Is it compelling?

Using today’s tools, most potential customers will have checked you and your competition out before ever contacting you to make a purchase.

What will they find? What are they looking for?

What words convey your value to that prospective customer?

Zeroing In On Your UVPAsk yourself: When people see your marketing materials, do they know immediately what sets you apart? Is that uniqueness truly important to them? Is it, in fact, something that would make it difficult for them to go to your competitors?

You can be sure your answer is “Yes!” after completing this step-by-step training from The Marketing Machine®.

Zeroing In On Your UVP will take you systematically through the process of determining what makes you truly unique in your market and how best to put that into words – words that will resonate with the people who are to become your customers.

Zeroing In On Your UVP guides you through five modules, designed to get you to your UVP with no wasted time.

  • Module One — The Unique Value Proposition and Why You Need One
  • Module Two – Know Your Target Market
  • Module Three – Develop Competitive Intelligence
  • Module Four – Tailor Products to Appeal to Your Market
  • Module Five – Craft Your Unique Value Proposition

Each module ends with a short assignment – 4 or 5 questions – so that you make progress with every chapter. A series of companion Worksheets serve as a good place to store your findings. And a one-page graphic shows the entire UVP Process.

Many corporations pay thousands of dollars to educate their marketing teams on the need for – and value of – a UVP. This training is a logical progression that cuts to the chase and helps you arrive at your UVP quickly and efficiently.

As your business grows and your market changes, you’ll want to repeat this process on a regular basis. Having the book and Worksheets will make it easy.

If you’re ready to step forward and claim your position in the marketplace, get started with . . .

Zeroing In On Your UVP

Your Unique Value Proposition, Your Unique Value Promise!

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P.S. When you’ve completed the process, you’ll see a special offer from The Marketing Machine®.  Don’t miss it on the very last page of the book!