Marketing ToolkitBe confident that your business is taking advantage of all the right marketing tools — and using them the RIGHT way.  You may find that these courses redirect your marketing efforts. For sure, they’ll polish your efforts for better results! Click on the Titles for the complete description of the courses.

Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals

Marketing Plan: You know you need one! If you just haven’t had time to build a marketing plan for your practice, or if the job seems just too complicated or disjointed . . . here’s a solution. Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals One of the challenges of marketing is that there are simply too many options! Every day, you are bombarded with ads for new techniques and new tactics, usually by very enthusiastic salespeople who show how they have achieved incredibly attractive results. And they may well have done that. The question is, are their tactics or programs the right

Winning Clients – 21 Tactics

Presenting: 21 Marketing Tactics for Winning Clients A Companion to Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals Sure, you know your ideal client. You know what differentiates you from your competition. And you know the difference between marketing strategy and tactics, right?  You’re clear because you have a solid marketing plan! Consider a marketing plan a prerequisite for getting the most out of the material in this book. Keep reading to find out why . . . To review, strategy is a broad concept, a decision to meet a particular goal — for example, to increase market share, or to improve client

Website – The Hub of Your Marketing Plan

What’s the first thing you do when you see an interesting new product?  When you’re looking for help with a problem? When you see what looks like a great new book? If you’re like 84% of the rest of your world, you head immediately online to . . . “Check out the website!” Even when you are looking for a specific service, and you have been referred by a trusted friend – you STILL head online to check out the website! So you can be assured that potential clients, and even your current clients, are looking at your site every

Dynamic Referral System

for Building Solid Relationships. We know that people ask friends first for recommendations. Are you sure that your clients will refer you? Referrals are desirable, and even essential. In fact, if you’re a small business owner or a service provider, getting good referrals may be the single most important way that you build your client or customer base. But … . . . it’s only the inexperienced marketer who considers getting referrals to be easy – and “free!” As an experienced marketer, you know differently. Successful professionals set up their referral marketing program systematically, with the same thought and care that they put

The 2% Myth of Direct Mail

When you’ve been a professional marketer for a while (like I have!), you have to control yourself when someone says, “The most I can expect from a direct mail campaign is 2%, right?” I am tempted then to come back with a comment like, “Well, there are certainly a lot of ways to get less than that . . .!” Of course, I do control myself, because in my experience the 2% figure is pure myth, and my goal is to explode that myth! This report will explode the 2% Myth. It’s time to take a deeper look at direct mail — the

Zeroing In On Your UVP

“The most important words to drive your business success . . .”    Your Unique Value Proposition We used to call it the “Unique Selling Proposition” and it focused on the business itself – what it would sell and how. Now, thanks to the computer, world-wide web and social media, the focus has switched to the customer and to the value your business brings to that customer. Success today is no longer simply how well your business is run or the quality of your products. Today, it depends on your knowing your customer and meeting their expectations. Your UVP is

Be a Power Presenter

Face it!   If you are to be successful in business, you HAVE to be a strong presenter. Your business needs you, at the head of the table or in front of a group, or increasingly, in front of a video camera, to make the case that will  . . . – attract investment capital – motivate clients and suppliers – inspire employees and partners Above all, you need to be able to make the sale! If that last sentence makes you wince, you’re not alone! Many highly-qualified professionals face an “attitude adjustment” when it comes to the whole concept

Accomplishments Library

Considering a change in career?   Wondering just where you’ll get the boost in confidence to make it happen? Guess what.  You already have what it takes! You have had unique experiences and successes.  By turning them into Business Accomplishments you’ll build a powerful marketing tool . . . one you’ll use again and again. Business Accomplishments are specially worded mini case-histories. Having an entire Library of them at your fingertips is the only way you can control marketing conversations and direct them to your desired outcome. Building Your Accomplishments Library is a system we’ve refined  for the experienced professional who is starting