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Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals

Marketing Plan: You know you need one! If you just haven’t had time to build a marketing plan for your practice, or if the job seems just too complicated or disjointed . . . here’s a solution. Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals One of the challenges of marketing is that there are simply too many options! Every day, you are bombarded with ads for new techniques and new tactics, usually by very enthusiastic salespeople who show how they have achieved incredibly attractive results. And they may well have done that. The question is, are their tactics or programs the right

Dynamic Referral System

for Building Solid Relationships. We know that people ask friends first for recommendations. Are you sure that your clients will refer you? Referrals are desirable, and even essential. In fact, if you’re a small business owner or a service provider, getting good referrals may be the single most important way that you build your client or customer base. But … . . . it’s only the inexperienced marketer who considers getting referrals to be easy – and “free!” As an experienced marketer, you know differently. Successful professionals set up their referral marketing program systematically, with the same thought and care that they put

Mastering Time

Dear Busy Entrepreneur, Do you ever feel you are spinning your wheels? Well, I do. And I hate it! So I searched for a solution — and found several! The reason it takes a number of ideas is because mastering time means getting control of two things:  internal clutter and external clutter. When you finish this book you’ll have the information and the tools to manage both. Let’s be clear about it – Mastering Time does not introduce a new, magic system that will turn you into a human dynamo. It is not a “system” at all. As the name says,

Making a Great First Impression

How often have you heard the phrase, “She’s definitely presidential.” Or “He’s brilliant, but not very presidential.”? What Kind of First Impression do you make? These comments are not confined to political commentaries. In fact, “appearing presidential” applies to leadership expectation in all walks of life . . . most frequently in corporate circles. Are you giving a speech? Applying for a job or for funding for your business? “You’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression!” You’ve no doubt heard this expression, too, right? Yes, it’s a well-worn cliché, but it’s also true. Unfortunately, all

Professional Networking Guide

Are you networking at the highest level of effectiveness? Are you enjoying it . . . or hating it?  (Whichever, it will show.) The good news?  Great networkers are made, not born.   And great networkers are great because they have a plan — a plan for which event to attend, which people to talk to, and EXACTLY what to say to get the results they want. You’ll recognize our “plan” as coming from years of experience.  If you haven’t been out networking a lot lately, though, you will likely discover some new twists. Our goal: help you avoid the painful

Be a Power Presenter

Face it!   If you are to be successful in business, you HAVE to be a strong presenter. Your business needs you, at the head of the table or in front of a group, or increasingly, in front of a video camera, to make the case that will  . . . – attract investment capital – motivate clients and suppliers – inspire employees and partners Above all, you need to be able to make the sale! If that last sentence makes you wince, you’re not alone! Many highly-qualified professionals face an “attitude adjustment” when it comes to the whole concept